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Africa has enormous potential to be a major part of global climate solutions – and climate action can be the key lever to lift Africa to stable middle-income status.

Yet that is not the dominant narrative about Africa, which focuses on victimhood and is often shaped and told by non-African voices. We work to shift both message and messengers by identifying, equipping, connecting and amplifying African (youth) voices, focusing on the opportunities and agency of climate action for Africa.

With “climate change” and “Africa”, the image that comes to mind most, is one of victimhood: Africa, barely contributed to causing climate changes, yet bears the brunt disproportionally, and has limited buffers to deal with the consequences. Though the above is true, we at the Climate Action Platform for Africa (CAP-A) are convinced this is only part of the story. Africa has everything to be a competitive location for climate action, playing a key role in achieving global climate objectives. And conversely, climate action can be the key lever to lift Africa to stable middle-income status.

We work to realise an Africa-centric narrative shift that identifies, equips, connects and amplifies African (youth) voices and highlights the opportunities and agency from climate action, to show how climate action can be good for both people and climate in Africa.

Achieving this requires:

  • Identifying missing African voices, with a particular (but not exclusive) focus on youth
  • Understanding their perspectives through baseline surveys with nationally representative samples of youth and mid-career professionals
  • Equipping them with facts, skills and helpful narratives: extensive curriculum design and roll-out is a core activity, progressively reaching larger groups and communities across Africa
  • Enabling African agency, through solution-oriented engagement from grassroots levels up
  • Connecting African voices with each other, with other global citizens and with key African and global decision makers to inform joint decision making and action
  • Amplifying African voices and perspectives with extensive and innovative media engagement.