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We are a public benefit organisation working to unlock Africa’s potential as a global hub for climate action, underpinned by a new climate-smart model of economic growth and inclusive livelihoods.

Our work is informed by the realisation that Africa’s demographics, growth trajectory and natural resource endowments, coupled with its extremely low levels of current carbon emissions, enable the continent to aspire to not just net-zero but a substantial net-negative carbon footprint sooner than any other part of the world.

  • Building evidence to develop a relevant, Africa-centric fact base, enabling decision makers identify, quantify and prioritise climate action
  • Strengthening the Africa-centric opportunity narrative, diversifying, equipping and amplifying African voices, with a particular emphasis on the climate action opportunity, to reshape the story to the benefits of climate action in Africa, for its people and climate, within Africa and globally
  • Developing and implementing proof of concept to build credibility, demonstrate feasibility and identify what is required to realise opportunities.

Given the scale of our ambition, we aim to work with and through a network of likeminded partners with whom we connect, collaborate and amplify promising ideas and opportunities. Such win-win collaborations sit at the heart of the vision of CAP-A as an orchestrator and enabler working to make scalable climate action in Africa a compelling and attractive proposition for all.