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UK FCDO, FSD-Africa, and the Climate Action Platform for Africa (CAP-A) convened workshops with Zambian government officials and carbon market participants (April 2024, in Lusaka). Key discussion points highlighted challenges and opportunities for Zambia’s carbon market:

  • Limited Regulatory Scope: Currently, regulations only address REDD+ projects, creating a perception of risk for other carbon initiatives. While a broader climate change act is in development, its delay fuels uncertainty for potential investors.
  • Clarifying Jurisdictional REDD+: The Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Project (ZIFLP) aims to standardise methodologies and establish a national jurisdictional approach. However, the government needs to ensure new regulations consider existing REDD+ projects and their alignment with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
  • Unlocking Potential Through Collaboration: Fragmented efforts by agencies, developers, and NGOs hinder market growth. Enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing are crucial to achieve an inclusive and effective carbon market.
  • Zambia’s Path to Leadership: A diverse portfolio of carbon projects supported by international and local organizations positions Zambia for a leading role in Africa. Strong government backing can further foster an environment that incentivises communities, promotes sustainable livelihoods, ensures high-integrity credits, and strengthens project feasibility.
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